Since I’ve been retired, I’ve had more time to spend on one of my hobbies: Genealogy.

I started playing with family history over 20 years ago when our first grandchild was born. Suddenly keeping track of family and learning more about it seemed like an important thing to do. I became a sort of digital packrat, stashing away every bit of memorabilia and family lore I could find. I did keep reasonable source records of most things, but now I have a little time to formalize the records better and realize how scattered my initial research actually was.

Armed with better resources and some coursework, I am now trying to create an interesting and reasonably accurate narrative of my children’s ancestors on both sides. My posts will follow everything from fun online searches, crazy DNA discoveries, trips to places important to our family journey, to some resources and pitfalls for anyone thinking of going down this particular rabbit hole along with me.

I hope you will enjoy this piece of my retirement journey.