Photo Challenges

For those of you who may not be aware of this, offers a Weekly Photo Challenge as part of its Post-a-Day (or Post-a-Week) initiative. A new theme applies each week.  I’m not an artist or a particularly gifted photographer, but I can manage editing software pretty well, so I’ve tried some entries.

Here’s the great thing about this challenge – it exposes participants to so many other bloggers and their sites.   I have been impressed by:

  1. the incredible number of photography blogs that are out there
  2. the variety of ways people interpret each week’s assignment
  3. the generosity of other bloggers in their comments, including advice

Another benefit is what I’m learning about framing and editing my own amateur shots. Take a peek at my entries (links below, or select Photo Challenges from the Categories menu), then take the link in the narrative of each entry to the assignment page for that week. If you scroll down you’ll see links to other entries.

Very fun, as my grandson would say.

picture credit: © dvarg –

7 Responses to Photo Challenges

  1. Kudos to you!! Thanks for sharing your adventures with the world!!


  2. This post a day initiative seems interesting. I did not know abt it… 🙂


  3. Paula says:

    Hello again 🙂 (the only objection I might have about your blog is that I refuse to call you a retiree or a grandma, but I don’t know your name – I am just used to call people their names or their most favourite nicks and you deserve to be known as something more than just the retiring sort 😉 – it is just my observation, don’t take it the bad way. I don’t see anything wrong with your photos, and photography is a fairly new passion in my life. I wonder what is this photo editing process you are talking about – what do you use? Do you edit jpg’s or raw photos?


    • Thanks for these comments – and your visit to my blog! 🙂
      Because my name is unusual in the US, I have avoided using it for privacy. This is more my husband’s concern than my own, and I do reconsider from time to time…
      For these photos, I generally just use the editing software that came with my laptop on the jpg’s from my cameras or phone. I mostly use it to crop/zoom in on a subject (or to take out faces of those who would rather not be posted), and to brighten or darken poorly exposed shots, I try not to alter colors or other aspects of the photo, as I’m usually trying to show what I actually saw. I use Adobe Photo Elements on my “big PC” for my personal archives, and to help me restore old or damaged images. That’s where I also have a high resolution scanner set up for pre-digital photos (and I have so many still to archive!) 😉


      • Paula says:

        🙂 Thank you for your reply dear :). I guess I will be calling you dear from now on as there is no other name ;). Whatever you are doing with your photos, the main thing is that you are happy with the result and that you are having fun.


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