OK, so I’m keeping a blog, in part, to record the various things I’m researching and learning about retirement itself.  But also, it’s to record the things that are part of my life as a retiree.

Sometimes that’s visiting family, or taking a vacation, or just thinking something through.

These posts are my own reflections – sort of essays on my life.  Some are just celebrations of a person or a moment, while others are just random thoughts or feelings I’m in the midst of. (Don’t be afraid, I’m generally a very happy person.)

Just as I’m learning to be a blogger, I’m learning to be retired….  wanna come along?

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Some of the topics so far:

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4 Responses to Ruminations

  1. Keep on ruminatin’


  2. David says:

    I am happy to find someone else who ruminates from time to time! And you could give a seminar on the art of commenting as well. Good job!


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