So Big!

Sharing an old post in response to a new challenge!!

The Retiring Sort

We played a game with our children and grandchildren to get them to put their hands in the air when it was time to take off a shirt for bath time, or put on pajamas for bed.

How big are you?  Sooooooo big!  A laugh always followed as the tiniest person in the room felt much bigger for that moment, reaching up and dreaming of the time when all the big people stuff would be within grasp.

When you think of big, how big do you think?

Pumpkin, too big to lift, big?

Big Island of Hawaii, mostly two huge volcanoes, big?

China 490 (2)

Or Great Wall of China, visible from space, big?

When it comes to your dreams and imagination, think as big as you like and reach for the sky. After all, you might just grow into those dreams.


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