Endless Cycles of Renewal

Isn’t it amazing, how nature fights to heal and grow, to renew itself?  I’m always struck by the way seeds find their ways into the most unexpected places – in my garden, or in the cleft of a rock, for example.

The earth isn’t static. It reinvents itself a little every day. Volcanoes create islands, and continue to build them over hundreds of thousands of years, even as the ocean works away at the new coastlines they have created.  Hurricanes erode our shorelines; tectonic plates and glaciers slowly move – constantly reconfiguring our world.

Nowhere is the continuing cycle of renewal more vivid than in our changes of seasons. After a vibrant show of colors in the Fall, Winter blankets our world in cold and ice. Then, miraculously, with the Spring and Summer the world comes back to new life.

Refreshment. Renewal.

It happens in each of us as well. It can come through marriages, the births of  children, or more subtly. We finish school and begin our adult lives. We change jobs or retire. We suffer illnesses and heal.

And sometimes, we just make the decision to try something new. To jump-start our spirits with a new adventure. It doesn’t have to shake up your whole universe or disrupt your family. It can be as small as taking a walk every day or volunteering somewhere. But internal renewal doesn’t happen for us – it’s a conscious choice.

How will you refresh and renew your world this week?


Click on photos to enlarge them.

This post was written in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge on WordPress.com’s Daily Post. This week’s challenge topic is Renewal. To learn more about the challenge and to see the fresh images posted by other bloggers, click here.

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18 Responses to Endless Cycles of Renewal

  1. lauramccain says:

    A good way to start the week!


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  3. I woke today with this vision and it woke me up fully with joy and inspiration. Breathtaking images!


  4. TBM says:

    The force of nature astounds me every day. And I’m glad. Life without nature–well I don’t want to think about that.


  5. Love it! It is great to be part of the process right?
    Nature never ceases to surprise us 😉


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  7. eof737 says:

    Beautiful… I love the way you showed the before and after of the renewal process. 😉


  8. adinparadise says:

    Lovely post. I love that second pic. 🙂


  9. Amy says:

    It reinvents itself a little every day– so true! We can always learn from nature.


  10. thirdeyemom says:

    Beautiful! I love this!


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