The Object of our Fascination

P1020177On our 2011 trip with the Delaware River Sojourn, we stopped in Easton, PA. Our chosen evening activity was a trip to the The Nurture Nature Center there. The Center teaches through a variety of displays and programs, and focuses largely on or use, and misuse of our waterways, and on flooding, weather, and environmental issues.  The idea is to show how each community impacts and is impacted by the environment and its effects on our waterways. There are wonderful artworks, murals, and other displays, but the one we enjoyed most was the relatively new Science on a Sphere® presentation. Projectors in the corners of the room send moving images to a large orb in the center, which then appears to be rotating. Various changing elements of our waterways are displayed in a graphic and fascinating program.

P1020200 (2)


The SOS  program we saw was called Rising Waters, about the impacts of global flooding on people.  It was somewhat interactive, and gave even the children in the audience a good handle on how we can improve and support our rivers and oceans.



Fascinating!  Our grandson loved it as much as we did – and did his best to show his support for the earth!  This object will be a teaching tool for generations in the northeast PA area – and was a wonderful part of our adventure down the Delaware.


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14 Responses to The Object of our Fascination

  1. 2e0mca says:

    That is an amazing exhibit to get children (and adults) understanding the natural world. Does the centre discuss Climate Change as part of its displays?


    • Yes, they do. Although the focus of some exhibits is the Delaware River, they also show how weather and climate change impact the waterways, and how we impact the climate. And they may it interesting and easy to understand!


  2. The Nurture Nature Center like a wonderfully interesting place.


  3. Looks like a really interesting exhibition, and so educational too. 🙂


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