Companionship on Valentine’s Day

OK, so it’s Valentine’s Day. My beloved and I shared a lovely dinner at home together, exchanged cards and small tokens, and took a moment to appreciate the fact that we have one another.

We know so many people who are alone. Some by choice, some due to divorce or death of a partner. Regardless of the reason, this isn’t a great holiday for people without partners.

Loneliness is a terrible thing. It can cause any number of health issues. As people get older, being alone seems even worse, because there’s a fear it could be a permanent state. There are many kinds of relationships, and romance is only one of them. That’s why there are a variety of organizations that help seniors find mutually beneficial companionship.

Of course, there are dating services for seniors, and there are so many kinds of senior living options now, from single family homes and condos, to assisted living facilities with social and recreational activities. There are senior travel programs, senior church groups, and volunteer options for seniors. There are organizations that match seniors with rescued pets, and with children in need of companions or mentors. There is a lot of evidence that having friends and companionship helps maintain mental acuity, improves physical and emotional health, and assists with keeping us active.

So, if you are one of the lucky folks who had companionship on Valentine’s Day (or even if you’re not), reach out and share a little friendship with someone you know who is alone. And if you have loved ones with you, make sure to let them know how much they mean to you.

Shower the people you love with love, today, and every chance you get.


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9 Responses to Companionship on Valentine’s Day

  1. eof737 says:

    Happy Valentine’s day! 😉


  2. timethief says:

    I like this post very much. It encompasses all that’s the best about Valentine’s Day and that’s remembering not everyone has a partner. Expressing love to all is an expression of our humanity and our knowledge that we are one in love.


  3. Pamela Blake says:

    Thank you for this beautiful post. I am one of the lucky ones who had companionship on Valentine’s Day, and wow, it hit me hard that I have taken that for granted for so long. My beloved and I are so comfortable with each other that we barely mark the occasion; in fact, you might say we smugly ignore it because of its “Hallmark holiday” associations. Being reminded of those who are alone on this day inspires me to reach out and “Shower the People.” The James Taylor clip was awesome, particularly at the half-way point where the voice of the background singer begins to soar. Thanks again.


    • Thanks for taking time to visit and make this lovely comment, Pam – You and I really are very fortunate, And who’d have thought 50 years ago that we would still be able to reach out and touch one another this way! 😉


  4. I often think about the plight of lonely people. It is so sad to be alone.


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