Home Sweet Home

P1120244 (2)We’re getting better at this “named winter storm” thing in New England. Our governors have learned to close limited access highways before six 18-wheelers have skidded off the road, and to keep us off the other roads early, so that plows and first responders can get where they need to go. We’ve also trimmed many trees to keep them from falling onto power lines, and we’ve gotten “how to prepare for a power outage” messages out early.

In short, we’ve learned from the past few years of extreme weather what our parents already knew (and we’d apparently forgotten.) Each household should be prepared for a stranding winter New England storm, with dry and canned goods, a way to heat water and flush toilets, and a way to stay warm. We’re so accustomed to the immediacy of big box and super grocery stores, technical gadgets, and constant entertainment that we’ve lost track of what it means to be self-sufficient. That used to be what New Englanders claimed as their hallmark.

So how did we prepare for a couple of housebound days?  We have gas for cooking, so we’re set there. We have large tubs of water in each bathroom and a cooler full of water by the kitchen sink. We did all our laundry, filled our cars with gas, and charged all our phones, tablets, laptops (one has an extra battery and we charged that too,) radios, and cameras. If the power goes out we can still read at night (I don’t keep all my e-books on the cloud). And even if we lose our internet connection, we can watch DVD’s and listen to music. During the day, we have lots of paper books. And I could always get to work on our taxes.

P1120270 (2)P1120334

P1120259 (2)P1120320 (2)    P1120316 (2)

The truth is, we aren’t going anywhere soon. It’s still snowing. The contractor who plows our driveway came yesterday, but he can’t get up our hill yet today, and now there are two more feet of snow blocking our path to the street – too much for even my little all-wheel drive wagon. So we’ll just have to wait for the town to plow a path for our guy, so he can plow one for us.

Hunkered down in our cozy home, whether we lose power or not, we can start a fire in the fireplace, make hot cocoa, and enjoy some rare, peaceful time alone together, just me and my beloved.


Home Sweet Home.


This post was written in response to the WordPress Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Home.  To learn more about this challenge, and to see other bloggers’ responses, click here.

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49 Responses to Home Sweet Home

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  2. Paula says:

    That cocoa looks delicious 🙂


  3. coastalcrone says:

    I missed this post. Wow! Beautiful but I would not want that much snow. We continue to have mild winters. What a lovely home – I love the porch.


  4. eof737 says:

    There’s been a ridiculous amount of snow… Tired of it! 😦


  5. dearrosie says:

    My goodness when the snowplow guy can’t get up the hill to clear your drive that’s a heck of a lot of snow. Your home looks very cozy!


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  8. Jo Bryant says:

    Stay warm and safe. You know…what you describe sounds like Heaven…I guess our parents were wiser than us…they knew how to enjoy simplicity


  9. You sound well prepared and with high spirits!
    Hang in there and I hope you soon will be able to move outside. Great story and pictures! This is what home is about!


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  11. Peter S says:

    Wow almost 3 feet ! We have maybe 2 here in New Hampshire. That’s based on using my 3 year old son as a measuring stick.


  12. dadirri7 says:

    amazing! stay safe, we are sweltering over here in february heat, fortunately we have had some rain in thunderstorms last night 🙂


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  14. kz says:

    mmmn cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows.. feels like home to me ^^


  15. lexiesnana says:

    Sounds like a fun time to me.I love being holed up with my huby when it gets wintery.


  16. trishworth says:

    It never snows where I live so I can’t imagine being trapped in my home by a few feet of white stuff at the door and down the road. This post was really interesting and a reminder that the world has so many different types of weathers.


  17. Amba says:

    Oh my God! I thought we were in the middle of a snow storm over here and we barely have half of the amount of snow that you guys seem to have gotten. Sounds like both of you are enjoying the feeling of being cut off from the world while watching the snow fall outside 🙂 Stay warm and enjoy the snowfall 🙂


    • We ended up with almost 3 feet – they’re having trouble finding places to put some of it as they clear the roads and parking lots – a lot of it is apparently going on our town green! 😉 Hope you’e staying warm, too!


  18. such a sweet sweet home, but wow, that is A LOT of snow! the hot chocolate looks wonderful!


  19. I want me some hot cocoa now. Stay warm! 🙂


  20. Amy says:

    Stay warm, enjoy reading, TRS.


  21. Stay safe and enjoy! I find moments like this are perfect opportunities for family bonding and reflection. A few years ago the family and I experienced 2 blizzards back-to-back and lost power for 3 days. We huddled in the one room of our house with a fireplace and relished the time together. I hope you find in this experience a special memory to cherish.


  22. This really is a home to call home. Stay warm and cosy now!


  23. sharechair says:

    Here in eastern PA, we didn’t get nearly as much snow as you, but I still ‘feel’ snowed in as the roads are icy and slippery. Comfort food is cooking and the power is no problem. It’s a great day to read (and eat). 🙂


  24. Thats a good way to start “Good Character”.:)

    Be safe,


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