Chasing the Blues Away

Yin_and_Yang.svgSerenity Prayer (from a longer poem by Reinhold Niebuhr)

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

Okay, I’ve been away for a while, but I think I’m back now.

The last few weeks have brought a variety of tough paradigm shifts my way. We had our first Mother’s Day without our Mom, two of my friends lost parents, I watched my sister go through a life-changing move, and I was confronted with a difficult separation from someone I love very deeply.  Add to that the fact that my beloved’s work has been stressful, and, well, I’ve been a little blue.

I just haven’t felt like writing, or even reading, blogs. I apologize to those I regularly follow for my inattention. I’ll try to read through what I missed over the next few weeks.  And I’ll try to get back on track with my retirement planning and Future Challenge posts.

P1130466 P1130338

After all, It hasn’t been all dreary over the last few weeks. We went on our first paddle of the year last weekend (with one of our grandsons), and  I was able to be there for his end of the year scouting event, which was really nice.

jessdressI helped my daughter make a new waistband and bow for my granddaughter’s prom dress (some giggles there), and my beloved and I enjoyed an Open Studio Day, visiting a variety of artists in Vermont.

P1130572This last activity was oddly calming. I think that’s because it took us completely away to something new, and reminded me how many ways people of all ages find for self-expression. Each artist happily fielded questions and shared perspective on process and technique that were really inspiring and fascinating.

P1130570We really loved some of the work, and even brought a few small pieces home. Other work didn’t catch our fancy, even when the artists themselves did. All in all, I realized that the creative process – whatever it is – is a very healthy and healing thing, and that I won’t really feel better until I can overlay my lingering sadness with some new growth. To change the things I can.

I have a few projects on the table – some gardening that needs attending, some small home repairs that will boost my feeling of accomplishment, and some work on a memory book and slideshow for an upcoming 50th reunion of my elementary school class.

I know that doing each of these things will bring me a little joy. It won’t make the sad stuff disappear, but it will give some balance back to my universe, and help me to appreciate the many wonderful things and people around me.

It’s very grey and a little humid outside today, but the birds in my yard are singing and swooping around like they’re planning a party. Life is a balancing act, and every day contains a little sadness and a little joy.

I’m off to find the joy.


Yin-Yang symbol from Wikipedia

Glass by JMB Glass, Dish by Matthew Tell pottery

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11 Responses to Chasing the Blues Away

  1. I understand why the Open Studio Day would be calming. Self-expression , whether through art, writing, or another creative outlet can take one to Zen like places where there is no past, no future, only the present. I admire your tenacity, your strength, and your balancing act. You go girl! I really appreciate your open, honest response and your ability to express your vulnerabilities so eloquently. Always remember that you are never alone. I hope the fog is lifting. 🙂


    • Thanks, my friend. Every day definitely has some joy, and I especially appreciate your comment “you are never alone.” Whenever things go wrong, remembering all the right things and people in our lives puts a wonderful new filter on everything. And doing something creative definitely pushes any blues aside!


  2. elizz says:

    i admire you for doing the “balancing act” everyday.. it’s not easy to accomplish things if we ourselves has a lot of things in our mind that we think or worry about everyday… the serenity prayer is very inspiring.. i think it’s for me too..


  3. Serenity Prayer. Words to live by. Sorry for the sadness. Here’s hoping happy days are here again real soon. Barb and Judy were mesmerizing! Thanks for the memories. Be well. Be strong. Be happy.


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  5. fotograffer says:

    You, with your measured, thoughtful way of looking at life will get through your sadness and be stronger for it. Be patent, time heals. Dwell on the many positive things in your life. L and I are dealing with loss recently too and somehow feel stronger for it.


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