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Veterans/Armistice/Remembrance Day Musings

It would be wonderful if we didn’t need a Department of Defense, or of Homeland Security.  It would be amazing if natural disasters never happened, and we never needed the National Guard. It would be great if we could rewrite … Continue reading

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Election Day 2012 – The Grand Responsibility

What a difference it makes to be retired. In past years, the polls opened too late for me to vote before work, and I had to join the beleaguered legions who voted after working all day. Standing in line, waiting … Continue reading

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Simple Geometry

Maybe it’s because there’s often been chaos in my day (and in my thoughts), but sometimes I really crave the orderly. Symmetry. Simple Geometry. Architecture is one of the places where I have enjoyed many balanced forms. I’m drawn to … Continue reading

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Big Bright Fireworks

This time last year, my beloved and I were in Hawaii.  We missed the Hallowe’en Nor’easter of 2011 that dumped snow on our New England home and left many here without power or with lost trees and other damage. Our … Continue reading

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