Weather Forecast – Time to Play Outdoors!

The Eastern seaboard of the U.S. has waited a long time for Spring weather to arrive this year. We’re still getting occasional cold showers out there, but it’s starting to warm up, and we’re getting ready to head back outdoors.

It’s time to put the patio furniture back on the deck, get the kayak racks up on the car, put away the winter boots and pull out the walking shoes! This weekend we’re heading to Boston with friends, and if the weather holds up, maybe we’ll get to do some walking in one of our favorite places!

Lifting weights, riding a stationary bike, and working with resistance bands are all good for us, but soooo repetitive and tedious, even with the TV on. I know I need to exercise now more than ever, to keep arthritis at bay and to keep my heart and lungs strong. I know it makes me sleep better, and helps with brain function, but indoor exercise is one of my least favorite things, and I hate the cold. So, in the winter, physical fitness is a bit of a struggle.

100_4403We have a couple of busy weekends after this one, but by the end of the month, we plan to be regularly walking the Air Line Trail, and kayaking local lakes and rivers. Although we appreciate the exercise equipment in our basement, my beloved and I will be delighted to abandon it for the great outdoors for the time being.

So, come on, Mother Nature, bring on that lovely weather!

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3 Responses to Weather Forecast – Time to Play Outdoors!

  1. Nice post. Yes, bring on the nice weather!


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