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Instant Connections and Communications – Taking the Good with the Bad

May you live in interesting times As I sat in my 6th grade classroom, making every appearance of listening to the Social Studies lesson of the day, my peripheral vision caught a folded piece of notebook paper making a dangerous … Continue reading

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It’s All in Your Point of View

I enjoy writing down stories and thoughts, although I have to slice and dice them vigorously before I can share them. I tend to ramble. Retirement and blogging are giving me a chance to see if I can become more … Continue reading

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The Elusive Sounds of Silence

“To sleep, perchance to dream – ay, there’s the rub…”¹ Oh, Will, you have no idea. We all know that sleep is a necessary thing. Adults should get seven to nine hours of sleep each night for optimum physical and … Continue reading

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The Call of the Free Weights – Can You Hear the Voices?

Two purple hand weights sit beside me on my end table. They are being scrupulously ignored as they wait for me to pick them up. They should be enjoying happy lifts into the air over my head, feeling the sweep … Continue reading

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Mind the Gap – Olympic Coverage

The question of how social media affected my enjoyment of the 2012 Olympics is easy to answer:  Not much at all. I’m on Facebook because that’s how our family shares photos and generic news, and I use LinkedIn to stay in … Continue reading

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From Mundane to Meaningful – Everyday and Special Times with Grandkids

Most of our grandchildren live about an hour from us in one direction or another, making it relatively easy to take part in their lives.  We’ve gone to aquariums and libraries with them. We’ve gone to their parades, school fairs, … Continue reading

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