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Future Challenge – What Would be Your Alternate Career?

Challenge #8 Some of us grow up knowing what we want to do, go to school or train in that discipline, and work in our chosen field. Some of us. But many of us fall into our careers by happenstance. … Continue reading

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What to Do, What to Do…

I’ve been looking at some retirement expenses, like Medicare Medigap policies, trips we’d like to take, and more.  When I was working, I could buy a new TV or computer without thinking about it for too long. Now I really have … Continue reading

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Countdown to My New Life

Four more days….  that’s all that’s left of my career.  I had other jobs before I started down this path, but I started as a temp in an insurance office in 1974,  and signed on full-time in 1975.  I briefly tried something else, … Continue reading

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Coming to Terms – The Decision to Retire

I’ve been glibly throwing out the threat of retirement for a few years now. Why?   Well, that’s a good question.  I’m fortunate to have employment in my field, complete with a regular paycheck, benefits, a cozy office, and some interesting and engaging co-workers.  … Continue reading

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