What to Do, What to Do…

I’ve been looking at some retirement expenses, like Medicare Medigap policies, trips we’d like to take, and more.  When I was working, I could buy a new TV or computer without thinking about it for too long. Now I really have to think about it, and once my beloved retires, we’ll both have to think about things like that long and hard – because our income and savings will run out before we do, if we don’t.

One way I could remedy this for now is to do some part-time work.

I’ve been thinking about this a bit. I have some general business skills, as well as some highly specialized expertise. A higher pay scale goes with the expertise, but there aren’t a lot of part-time opportunities there, and I really don’t think I  want to go back toward my old career. I want something I leave behind when I go home.

On the other hand, I’m pretty sure I can get part-time office work. It’s either that, or write and publish the great American novel…

Doing a little research, I’ve found I’m not the only one thinking about working a little in retirement, or considering a different type of work than I’ve always done.  Online ads for training in new careers (everything from paralegal work to truck driving) abound, and their are sites to help you find what you’re looking for. Some employment agencies even have Facebook pages with tips, and AARP sponsors a site and Facebook page called Work Reimagined. This is a great site, because it encourages us to think outside the box a little, and to consider the pros and cons of all kinds of options.

So, I’m thinking about all the different possibilities – How much time am I willing to work in a week? Do I want a regular gig or different temp jobs? How far from home am I willing to go? Decisions, decisions…

“…So a job I’m getting, possibly,
I wonder who my boss’ll be?
I wonder if he’ll take to me…?
What bonuses he’ll make to me…?
I’ll start at eight and finish late,
At normal rate, and all..but wait!

…I think I’d better think it out again. ”

– Fagin, in Reviewing the Situation from Oliver!, lyrics by Lionel Bart

As Fagin would say, I’m reviewing the situation…

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7 Responses to What to Do, What to Do…

  1. Personally, I think you should write the great American novel. Thinking outside the box, what options do you have in the field of writing? The first time we moved abroad, I wrote my little heart out. I had planned to return to the states with a finished book. Unfortunately, I was the first one to get a real job that gave us medical benefits. My book is still on hold..but, I feel the urge to complete it. Sometimes, life and health insurance get in the way of fulfilling dreams. I say, “Go for it!”


  2. fgassette says:

    I know how you feel. I’ve been retired for six years and I love it. I’ve learned how to live on less. With medical cost rising thru the roof, it is a little harder but God is good and I manage. I choose not to look for any part time work and have enjoyed my retirement years by staying busy. I am thankful. Praying for you as you make the decision that is right for you.



    • Thanks, Francine! We have some resources, but with costs changing, I’m not as sure of them as I was once! God does supply what we need, but I want to be a good steward and still do some travelling… I guess we’ll keep re-evaluating as we go! 🙂


  3. bulldog says:

    Yes the challenges of retirement … it all sounded a lot easier when we were young… but what a surprise when we get there… the retirement package would have made us rich when we started but life has a way of catching up as the years go past… semi retired myself and back into working in my own business… once it’s up and running well I should be able to retire and do nothing… then again is that what I want.??? Not sure I find it nice waking up in the morning with a purpose in life… like to be more flexible with working hours but still want to work….


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