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Future Challenge – So What’s the Plan?

Challenge #26 Everyone has a horror story of an estate (big or small) that wasn’t settled smoothly.  Usually it’s because there was no will (or no updated will), or because the contents of the will came as an unhappy surprise … Continue reading

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Future Challenge – Whether to Weather the Weather

Challenge #25 Are you a person who loves the heat, or one who needs it cool? Are you OK with air conditioning, or do you need your air to be fresh? My beloved and I have spent a few weekends … Continue reading

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Future Challenge – Could You Live Overseas?

Challenge #24 Have you ever thought of living in another country – or retiring to one? My beloved would love to move around – getting a flat for six months or so in each of the cities and we’d love … Continue reading

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Future Challenge – Beating the Blues

Challenge #23 Into each life a little rain must fall… Each of us has ways of dealing with life’s little troubles. Some of us get busy, and some of us can’t get going. Some eat and some fast. Some seek … Continue reading

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Future Challenge – What’s Your Legacy So Far?

Challenge #22 I’m pretty much the family archivist for my own family, and for my husband’s. I’m what I (almost kidding) call a digital packrat. I have three kinds of family tree software and a portable hard drive full of … Continue reading

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Future Challenge – Note to Self (Longhand or Keyboard?)

Challenge #21 It’s been a crazy week – way more things to do than hours to do them in, so I’m a tad late, and maybe that’s a sign that I need to slow down and kick it old school … Continue reading

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