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Future Challenge – What Possessions Are Nearest to Your Heart?

Challenge #19 Moving is always a little traumatic. But moving from a larger home to a smaller retirement home may be even more stressful. Certain memories and  possessions won’t make the cut for the new home. If you had to … Continue reading

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To Keep or Not to Keep? The Trials of Downsizing a Household

OK, fellow boomers – let’s say you’ve been living in your house (or carrying stuff with you from house to house) for thirty, forty, or fifty years. You probably have things stored in the attic or basement that you haven’t … Continue reading

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Travel Theme: Benches

Benches are one of those things you find all over the world. Some are just simple and useful, while others have a charming character all their own.     Benches in Princes Street Gardens on a rainy day in Edinburgh. … Continue reading

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Future Challenge – Staying Physically Active

Challenge #18 Along with a healthy diet, exercise helps to keep our hearts, lungs, and brains working properly, although too many of us neglect it. We all know how important it is to exercise. Hopefully, we’re all doing something, even if … Continue reading

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Weather Forecast – Time to Play Outdoors!

The Eastern seaboard of the U.S. has waited a long time for Spring weather to arrive this year. We’re still getting occasional cold showers out there, but it’s starting to warm up, and we’re getting ready to head back outdoors. … Continue reading

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Future Challenge – Staying Sharp

Challenge #17 We all know it’s important to exercise physically throughout our lives to keep our bodies healthy. Our hearts, lungs, even our minds, depend on it. But our brains need specialized workouts beyond physical movement.  As you age, what will … Continue reading

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