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Weather Forecast – Time to Play Outdoors!

The Eastern seaboard of the U.S. has waited a long time for Spring weather to arrive this year. We’re still getting occasional cold showers out there, but it’s starting to warm up, and we’re getting ready to head back outdoors. … Continue reading

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Things are Looking Up….

We usually tend to be focused on what lies ahead when we’re traveling, but some things just invite us to look up. Just the physical act of raising our heads can be a bit inspiring (much as smiling brings the … Continue reading

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Travel Plans

It’s time to start making some serious plans for where my beloved and I might travel this year.  Last year, most of my travel was to see my mom and sister a few states away, and most of my husband’s … Continue reading

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Hawai’i Travelogue, Part 1 – Oahu

For forty years, my beloved and I talked about going to Hawaii.  Finally, we were able to go last Fall.  We figured we would treat ourselves to this big vacation while we were both working, Hawaii is probably one of the most … Continue reading

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The Spooky Spectres of Samhain

Well, it’s that time of year – The celebration of the spooky festival my Celtic ancestors called Samhuinn or Samhain (literally “Summer’s End”, and pronounced Sow-een, Sow-in, or Soun). It’s also known as the Day of the Dead.  The Catholic … Continue reading

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New England On Display – The Eastern States Exposition

We moved back to New England about twelve years ago, and every year, we’ve talked about going to the “Big E” – the Eastern States Exhibition. It’s like a State Fair times six. For two weeks in September, the town … Continue reading

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