Travel Theme: Rhythm

The WheresMyBackpack? Travel Theme Challenge this week is Rhythm.

Capturing a sense of sound and rhythm in photos is an interesting challenge. From our travels in the past few years, here are my rhythmic memories:

1) The drone of the piper playing at the base of Glencoe (the Valley of Tears) in the Scottish Highlands. The Glen’s “tears” are springs of water forming tiny waterfalls. However, the name took on a second meaning when, in 1692, a group from Clan Campbell sympathetic to the English king slaughtered the MacDonalds of Glencoe in the valley. Having sought the hospitality of the MacDonalds on a winter’s night, the Campbells killed them as they slept. Some MacDonalds escaped up the sides of the mountain, many freezing to death. The piper plays in memory of those lost in the “Glencoe Massacre.”

2) The huge drums beating at the closing ceremonies for the Beijing Olympic Games – there was a drummer strapped to each side of these drums, which were raised to the top of the stadium, beating all the way.

3) The swing and rhythm of the hula dancers at a Luau on Oahu, echoing the rhythm of the nearby surf on the sand.

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24 Responses to Travel Theme: Rhythm

  1. The Rhythym of music, the dance and the amazing beauty of nature moves our soul in the most inspiring and passionate way. Thee images did all that and more. Beautiful. Thanks.


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  5. Jo Bryant says:

    How lucky to be there for those drummers at the games…so jealous over here


  6. The huge drums pict, fascinating 😀


  7. Ruth Bailey says:

    Nice job illustrating sound and rhythm visually. It is a challenge!


  8. melouisef says:

    I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award and if you have one have another


  9. All perfect for the challenge. I can’t even imaging going to see the Olymics! That has to be AMAZING! But I am so partial to the beach. Ahhhhh…


  10. adinparadise says:

    Very interesting entry indeed. That lone piper would give me goosebumps.


  11. frizztext says:

    thanks for the interesting story about the slaughtered MacDonalds!


    • The highland clans had long and violent history – but they were generally united against the English until the end of the 17th century – this is a sort of infamous story, and the source of the song “The Campbells are coming!”


  12. Madhu says:

    I was thinking the same as Ailsa!
    Witnessing that opening ceremony must have been awesome!


  13. ailsapm says:

    Those drummers at the Olympics must have been incredible to see in person, the sheer volume of them must have been awe-inspiring. Lovey post! xxx


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