Undertaking the Challenge – Day 1

Today’s the day!  My beloved is not travelling overseas for a few weeks, we have our 24-Day Challenge products, and we’ve hit the grocery store with a clear and limited focus! The Challenge is just that – not just because it limits what we eat, but because it requires that we change our habits and thought processes about what we eat.  At our ages, changing habits doesn’t come easily – that’s one of the reasons we’re doing this together – hopefully, we can encourage one another and keep each other honest!

There are three components to this for us:

  1. The Challenge itself – We have taken our weights and measurements, written them down, and set them aside.  The focus here is not really on weight-loss, but on a lifestyle change.  So… we will update this data at the ten-day mark, and then again at the end of the Challenge, but not in between. Meanwhile, we will follow the Challenge protocols to get our metabolisms back in balance and reset our eating habits.
  2. Increased sensible exercise – We will be walking more, doing some kayaking, and we have our treadmill and exer-cycle all warmed up. We are also using weights for strength & toning. The goal is to develop a good plan we can stick with going forward, even when we travel.
  3. Eating anti-inflammatory foods – As part of our meal planning, we will be cutting out foods that have inflammatory characteristics – even if the Challenge diet allows them. We’ve started this in advance for a couple of weeks, and find that it is already helping with our arthritis and overall well-being. We’ve also increased our awareness of portion control as advance preparation.

So…  off we go!  I’ll pause here to make the comment that, as with any diet, it’s so important to keep system balance. Increased percentages of protein, for example, mean the need for increased fluids to keep the kidneys clear.  We will be drinking more water.  Also, no one food should dominate just because it’s a favorite.  We’ll be trying some completely new things to keep the diet balanced – and interesting!

And just for good measure, and to keep up the sense of a refreshed me, I’ve ditched the idea (after too many months) of wearing my hair long, and have a new (my old style) haircut.  Feels good – and more like myself again. Now, I just need to get the rest of myself in shape!

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5 Responses to Undertaking the Challenge – Day 1

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  2. TBM says:

    I wish you well on this new challenge!


  3. jakesprinter says:

    Great post 🙂


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