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Things are Looking Up….

We usually tend to be focused on what lies ahead when we’re traveling, but some things just invite us to look up. Just the physical act of raising our heads can be a bit inspiring (much as smiling brings the … Continue reading

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Future Challenge – Where in the World?

Challenge #6: The world is a big place. Some people have had the need or opportunity to travel widely, some just enough to wish for more, and some are rarely able to get further than local attractions. For most of … Continue reading

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Travel Plans

It’s time to start making some serious plans for where my beloved and I might travel this year.  Last year, most of my travel was to see my mom and sister a few states away, and most of my husband’s … Continue reading

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Looking Glass Reflections

When I’m walking on city streets, I’m generally focused on where I’m going, avoiding other pedestrians, and making crossings safely. When I drive on city streets, I’m similarly preoccupied, and I rarely look above the first floor of any buildings. … Continue reading

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Star Light, Star Bright

There’s something mystical and beautiful about a Moravian Star. It has a wonderful symmetry – and in fact, was supposedly first created as part of a geometry lesson in a Moravian (a Protestant denomination) school in Germany. It has been … Continue reading

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Future Challenge – What Would I Be Better Off Without?

As part of my retirement theme,  I’m offering a weekly Thursday “Future Challenge” to get people of all ages thinking in general about their futures and/or retirement. (I apologize, I’m still a little behind this week, as I’m finally getting … Continue reading

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